Sunday 16 July 2017

Foamiran flowers

Hello my dear friends
First I want to welcome u all on my blog.
Here u can get tutorial of my paper flowers, foam flowers, fabric flowers nd many more.
This is my first tutorial on my blog about foamiran flowers.
Today I have a tutorial for this beautiful flowers.

Now we start
1:   Cut the square pieces of white foamiran as shown in the pic.

2:   Cut the three edges of the square pieces into the curve shape as shown in the pic.

3:   Colour the edges of the petals wid archival ink pad or any other colour u have(like oil pastel, soft pastel, markers).

4:  Set ur iron on low temperature nd start heating the petals as shown in the pic .

5:  Heat the petal nd quickly twist it. Do wid all the petals .

6:  Now crush the kitchen foil and shape it like a rose bud.

7:  Attach a floral wire in the bud wid the help of hot melt glue.

8:  Now paste the small petals on the bud nd cover the kitchen foil bud.

9:  After finishing small petals ur flower looks like this.

10: Now start wid middle size petals nd then paste large size petals.

11: After done all steps ur flower look like this.

12: Now cut green foamiran nd mahe some leaves. Attach a floral wire in the middle of the leaves with the any strong glue . Here I use feviquick. And also make some buds.

13: Attach all of them with floral tape.

Hope u all enjoy this tutorial



  1. Very informative and beautiful... Thanx

  2. Lovely tutorial Uma..very informative and interesting..will sure try this art soon..thanks for the post

  3. Magical hands....well explained...will try for sure...
    May I know which glue hv u used..

    1. Thanks dear
      I use hot melt glue for sticking petals nd apply acrylic varnish for sparkling dust

  4. Magical hands....well explained...will try for sure...
    May I know which glue hv u used..

  5. Dear all the best for upcoming heights ,a v beautiful flower

  6. Lovely flower and tutorial. Will you be doing demos with paper too?

  7. Ya sure, soon I upload the tutorial of paper flower too

  8. Wowwe,loved the tutorial. Thanks..
    U r superb artist


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